Thank you for choosing our company. We have set up online booking to make it quicker and easier for our customers. Please make sure you follow all instructions to booking your tour.

Dolphin Paradise Tours:

Swim Tour - Safe and Fun for all Ages. Also, our Fishing Trips and Exotic Petting Farm/Zoo Admission.

Kayak Tours - No children under the age of 5 years old. No Weight Limit. Single, Double and Triple Kayaks Available.

SUP Tours - No children under the age of 8 years old. 300 Weight Limit. One person per board.

** Note that Under the Age of 18 Years Old has to be acompanied by a Adult on ALL Tours **

Thank you and remember to always smile here in Paradise.


Our secure online booking system will only allow us to schedule reservations within 60 days of a trip exactly at 12:00am, no more than a month in advance.

Each QUANTITY is the number of people we have room for. SELECT HOW MANY PEOPLE YOU HAVE GOING IN THE QUANTITY BOX. Example Quantity 1, means 1 person. Quantity 2, means 2 people. Quantity 3, means you booked for 3 people and so on.

Everyone Has to have a ticket to aboard regardless of age. Your Paid invoice is your ticket. Please show to Captain at Departure. Departure address will be given with Paid Invoice.

Minors have to be accommodated by an Adult. Select the quantity of EVERYONE a boarding the boat, EVERYONE that is going out does do the tour regardless how much you want to participate. Remember participating would make the trip better for you and everyone around you. Slow down and enjoy!

Happy Booking!

READ IMPORTANT! READ IMPORTANT! This will determine if you have a great experience.

NOTE: To purchase tickets, see cancellation policy before making the reservation. There are NO REFUNDS!

It is on a first serve basis, we know this is on everyone's bucket list and we try our hardest to get everyone out with us. Spots can get sold out, we recommend booking in advance. Availabilities can change. If you have vouchers and want to switch your tour type you can do so by inputting with voucher information and that you are willing to switch your tour.

The Departure address will be given once completion of reservation and is Paid in Full. Departure Locations can vary, check your Paid Tickets for address and arrive. . All No Shows are Charged IN Full.

VOUCHER PAYMENTS: If paying with a voucher add that in the note section with the company you purchased vouchers from and voucher number. ( example of what a voucher looks like for a groupon 1234-5678). Note that groupon vouchers are under the bar code. Make sure you enter in your information. If nothing is entered we dont know you have a voucher and you will have to pay full balance. When boarding we can not change payment process. Voucher's will be deducted, not automatically but after booking support reviews your reserved spot, so check your email with deduction. Entire value must be used in a single visit and can not be combined.

NO REFUND POLICY: Bookings can only be rescheduled. There is no expiration dates on reschedules. NO REFUNDS on vouchers once you make a reservation for any reason. If we do not have all your information your reservation will be voided out and your spot will reopen to the public, if we can not get ahold of you to fix a booking error, we do make 3attempt. Your discounted amount will be deducted after booking support receives and your voucher is REDEEMED.

PAYMENTS: Credit Cards Only. We accept Visa/Mastercard. ( Credit Card Convenience Fee is 4.5 Percent ). To Receive your tickets a full payment must be made by calling 321-978-5479

Reservations need to be Paid in Full before Paid Tickets will be sent out. Reserved only holds your reservation when you create your booking and can be voided out without a payment.

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